How to get skinny

There are many pressures from society for women to be skinny. Plastered all over magazines, social media, advertisements, commercials, and in fashion shows are women so thin they border (if not already are) on being malnourished and unhealthy. More often than not, these women are what the health and fitness industry refer to as “skinny-fat.”

Skinny- fat women are those who have no muscle mass, can have a lot of cellulite, and are un-toned or flabby yet not overweight. It is more common to see women who are skinny-fat, than it is to see men. One theory is that because men don’t focus on diets and tend to focus on lifting weights, they have primarily avoided this skinny-fat epidemic. Women on the other hand are always coming up with bizarre diet crazes that are not sustainable and have no longevity to them. For some unbeknownst reason, a lot of women think lifting weights and doing body weight exercises will “bulk” them up like a man. On the contrary, it will do the exact opposite. Women naturally will never bulk up; it is not in our genetic make-up. If women focused more on building lean body mass (i.e. lifting weights, body weight exercises, cardio), then fad diets would no longer be necessary; thus, eliminating the skinny-fat era.

No more starving! I am telling you that you can eat what you want and still be ‘skinny.’ It’s all about eating the right kinds of food in appropriate portions, while incorporating a regular fitness routine. As an alternative to being skinny, I encourage you to be lean and healthy (yet still thin). To achieve this, you can lift weights, do cardio, and/or do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Rather than ask yourself, “How to get skinny,” ask yourself, “How to get fit.” By building muscle mass and endurance with HIIT workouts, Barre exercises, Kettlebell training, or Tabata you will actually burn more calories during the times you aren’t working out. This is called raising your resting metabolic rate.

If you are looking to be lean and fit, then I applaud you. For many of us, being as skinny as models or actors/actresses is unsustainable, unhealthy and unrealistic. Incorporate the best workout option available to best suit your goals, schedule, and lifestyle. You can start with free online workouts, gym workouts, HIIT exercises, and much, much more. There are literally endless opportunities to lose fat, gain muscle, and be thin. So make the choice, do you want to get fit, lean, and healthy? Or do you want to be malnourished, unhealthy, and weak? The choice is yours, and yours alone.