How to get Vitamin D

vitaminDWith overcast winter behind us and Spring Showers in full play we are still seeking to get our extra dose of Vitamin D from food sources until Summer comes around.

Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium and is an important nutrient for growth, development and healing of bones. It also helps with immune health, inflammation response and promoting healthy skin. . The recommended amount of Vitamin D is 600IU.

Fatty Fish (Wild Caught Salmon) : 500 IU

Shrimp and Sardines : 4 oz – 165 IU

Fortified Sources :

Orange Juice : 25% of the Daily Value (Same as Dairy Milk)

Almond Milk : 25% of the Daily Value (Same as Dairy Milk)

Cereal : Keep in mind sugar levels when choosing cereal.

Not Included: Because I don’t recommend dairy in the diet I have excluded Cheese, Egg Yolks and Dairy Milk.