How Working Out Helps with Stress and Depression

Do you want to reduce anxiety and improve your moods? Are you or have you ever suffered from anxiety or depression? Research has proven that exercise has a huge positive impact, both psychologically and physically, in people with anxiety and depression. Exercise also helps to prevent depression and anxiety once you’re feeling better.

The psychological and emotional benefits of regular exercise are endless. Exercise is a great distraction from a cycle of negative thoughts that feed anxiety and depression. Doing something positive, like being healthy and incorporating a work out routine into your daily life, gives you a healthy way to manage depression and anxiety. This is an ideal alternative to coping with anxiety and depression with alcohol, food, or drugs. Dwelling on negative feelings or hoping anxiety or depression will go away on their own can get you stuck in a vicious cycle. Negative cycles can lead to worsening symptoms. Exercise and getting fit is the perfect tool in aiding to break those cycles.

Anxiety, stress, and depression are an inevitable part of life, and impossible to eliminate, but you can learn to manage them. Mental, as well as, physical fitness are extremely important in leading a healthy lifestyle. By incorporating various activities, such as, walking, yoga, Pilates, weight training, HIIT exercises, Barre, gardening, etc., you are decreasing anxiety and stress, fighting depression, and preventing illness and disease. My challenge to you is find something you enjoy that requires you to move and do it! Even if its for only 15 minutes a day.