To Juice or To Blend

Often times people ask me what the difference between juicing and blending is – You can’t use a blender to juice and you can’t use a juicer to blend. I prefer juicing in the morning as it’s a cold and refreshing drink compared to blending or smoothies which are a more heartier, thicker meal replacement or additive drink. Both are wonderful – it depends on the craving you are having at that moment.

Juicing: Extracts the liquid from veggies and fruits leaving its fiber behind. The benefit is that you get a ton of vitamins from all the amount of vegetables and fruits you juice within that one glass of juice. If you need the fiber – think raw veggies and/or low-glycemic fruits or blend away.

Blending: All the ingredients –  from the vegetables and fruits are pureed into a yummy smoothie (including fiber)

So what one is better?

Juicing takes less energy to digest and the easiest way to get phytonutrients – The healthiest juice is made from 85% veggies, 15% fruits – less sugar overload.

Blending is a great way to get your kids to eat – drink healthy food – think veggies with a small of amount of fruit to make it more palatable.Blending is also more filling because of the fiber and helps clean out your system.

Cheers to a healthier you!!!